About us

Capital car rental company, is established in Tirana Albania in July 2019, by two young managers that had more than 10 years of experience in the car rental industry in Albania.

As Albania became a preferred destination for more and more visitors from all over the world and at the same time , the local car rental market was showing the need for a more professional and flexible service, Capital car rental entered the market with the main intention to fulfill these market  needs and deliver a more dedicated service to all the individuals and companies that need mobility services.

Today, Capital Car Rental is providing to the clients not just a daily car rental but a wider range of services, such as: long term rental, flexible car rental programs based on the client’s needs, operational leasing services, dedicated driver service, private transfers in and outside Albania and company fleet management.

We are based in Tirana, Albania and proudly operating and covering with our services all the Albanian territory and beyond, in the nearby countries as: Kosovo, Montenegro, Greece and North Macedonia.

Keeping in mind that through our service we create our client’s experience, we start our day with a real commitment to serve all their needs and deliver a great experience.